Ep 8: Evolution (and Failures) of your FAB Business

 Today we are discussing our own paths to the FAB businesses we run now, and the FAB business we have launched (or never got off the ground!) in the past.
We talk about:

– the reasons why we weren’t equipped to launch those businesses successfully
– the business skills we think were most important to launch a profitable FAB business
– what to do when your product is out of the price range for people around you
– Your confidence surrounding your FAB business idea
– what we learned from our entrepreneur journey
– Kristin shares her biggest fear when starting a business

Businesses evolve, just as you evolve!
Kristin on the importance of confidence in yourself and your business “If you have that “what if I fail” thing going on a lot, you’re not going to take risks. You’re not going to grow and you might not even do it.”

Rachel on setting yourself up for success: “It’s all about knowing who your dream customer is, and you have to reach them. Having a great product or service is not enough.”

Kristin on mindset around your business: “You have to give yourself time to really learn what you’re doing… When you start to expect good things will happen, you look for it and you find it”.

Please share with us your FAB business journey, failures and all! in our Facegroup group here

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