Ep 11: Myth of Productivity

When you’re running your own business, staying focused and productive are keys to success – but how do you measure productivity? In this episode, we’re chatting about:

-when we actually feel productive
-feeling guilty about “wasting time”
-productivity as fun time
-having too much time versus not enough time
-holding ourselves to higher standards
-idealizing the other side and other entrepreneurs
-setting deadlines for yourself (and keeping them)
-having a dream, but still resisting it
-deserving success
-celebrating the small wins
-appreciating the moment
-worry and anxiety in relation to your work
-planning in months, quarters, and years
-focusing on details versus getting the work done
-feeling inspired to work
-visualizing the end results
-changing goals

Rachel: Everything is a learning experience, and even though that finished product might not be used, there will be things that you have learned in practicing that that you can apply later.


Kristin: We all started our businesses for different reasons, but ultimately we want freedom and security. We went into this for a reason, and how many of us are living this reason?

Rachel: There’s an idea that you can’t enjoy your work until you’re super successful. Don’t wait until you feel you deserve it.

Kristin: I used to think that if I’m going to be productive, it needs to be hard.

Rachel: We wait and wait and wait for things to be the way we think they should be, but things never go the way you expect them to go. You’re never going to get to the goal you expected, and your goal will probably change. You can’t have a fixed point.

Kristin: We have to see ourselves as productive and successful and we have to treat ourselves kindly because there is always going to be another goal. You don’t get to your goal an decide you’re done. If you can’t stop and enjoy it along the way, you’ll burnout and fail.

Rachel: When are you successful? What’s the point of it all if you don’t feel happy with your achievements?

Kristin: You’re never going to get it done. It’s a good thing that the goals are always moving because you want bigger and better. But if you think it’s never enough, your mindset will cause you to feel like it’s a failure.

Kristin: You have to celebrate the little things because it’s the little things that come together to create a big thing.

Rachel: Whatever you’re living becomes your norm. So if things are really hard for you, it’s unlikely that you’ll wake up and things will just be easy. Everything moves slowly, and you might not even notice that you’ve gotten yourself out of a bad situation.

Rachel: I also know it’s going to get done, one way or another, because things always work out, even if I don’t see how. It alleviates a lot of the stress.

Rachel: Instead of thinking about the tasks, picture it all finished.

Kristin: There’s this idea that we have to push and struggle and work really, really hard and then we’ll get rewarded, and maybe, but you’ll be exhausted and not care about the reward. If it’s a mindset thing, why not work on the mindset first? Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves when they don’t have to be?

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